Wonderworld Productions


About the Instructors

WonderWorld: Ivi Bilich, Dorne Pentes, Michael Reynolds

WonderWorld creates digital content for a wide variety of local and regional clients. WonderWorld is three people: Ivi Bilich, Dorne Pentes, and Michael Reynolds. These three opinionated folks with diverse backgrounds in fiimmaking, producing, architecture, DJ’ing, and event promotion have been making all sorts of digital content for over ten years. Independent films, music video, documentaries, television commercials, web video- WonderWorld has a blast with cameras in hand.

About This Session

9:00 am — 12:45 pm, this is a 2 block session.

DONATION: $35/Student 

In this session you will learn the basics of creating a commercial script, developing a concept, creating a storyboard, filming and finally editing the spot.  You’ll learn about composition, lighting, pacing, how to tell a story.  It will be a blast!

How to Prepare For This Workshop

If you have a digital camera and/or a lap top with editing software, please bring it.  We will have extra camera equipment so if you don’t have a camera or computer its okay, there is still a lot to learn!

Online Registration is closed.
If sessions have availability, we will take on-site registrations.