Marti Head & Laura Delgadillo

About the Instructors

Both Marti Head and Laura Delgadillo are mothers of children in the arts. They learned what they know through trial and error and they want to share their knowledge on how to navigate the Theatre/Film world.

Marti Head

Marti Head has four daughters in TV/film and stage acting.  They started out doing plays in their basement and not knowing anything about the industry or how to get started.  We have educated ourselves and are still learning as each day goes by!  What I have to offer is easy but wasn’t easy to gain.  This has been a marathon and not a sprint.  We have learned so much and I am happy to share some of what I have learned that might make this journey easier on someone else.

Laura Delgadillo

A technology sales rep, by day, Laura transforms into a stage mom by night! This mom of three had to learn quickly how to maneuver the dance, acting, and singing worlds. In order to provide adequate training and direction necessary to keep her kids “at the top of their games” Laura researched and sought help from master teachers and industry advisors. Laura’s oldest child, Alicia, is now a professional dancer; Nick attended and performed at NWSA, performed with Children’s Theatre and CPCC; and Amanda trained in dance extensively, majored in Musical Theatre at NWSA, and is now attending college in NYC.

There are many choices, paths, roadblocks and financial obstacles along the journey of performing arts. Seek help from others who have walked in your shoes!

About This Session

11:00 am

DONATION: $15/Parent

This is a workshop for parents who are interested in how to navigate the Theatre/Film world. Learn from parents of children who are working in the industry. Bring your questions and we will try to get them answered for you.

How to Prepare For This Workshop

Bring notebook and pen to take notes.


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