Gregory Hewett

About the Instructor

Gregory Hewett, Owner of Gregory F/X-Special Makeup Effects 

Gregory has been a practicing Special Effects Makeup Artist for over 17 years and opened his own business in 2000. He specializes in the concept, fabrication of and application of Special Makeup appliances, props, and all areas of the art form. Having worked on many diverse projects ranging from horror films, to T.V. shows, theatre, Opera, live events and scenario training, Gregory is a very well rounded Effects Artist. Recently being one of the stars of the #1 rated television series show “Face Off” season 8 on the SiFi network and featured in Europe’s premier magazine on prosthetics first issue “Prosthetics” by renowned FX Artist Neil Gorton.  Currently he is the Director of FX Makeup with New Day Pictures who handles the recreation and reenactment scenes for the television show Sid Roths Its Supernatural. And also handles the F/X makeup for Stanley and surrounding counties “Don’t Drink and Drive on Prom Night,” and “Don’t Text and Drive” campaigns for youth featuring ultra realistic casualty makeup in front of entire student bodies during realistic recreations of actual wreck scenes.

Specializing in custom high end makeup for stars such as Carolina Panthers Quarterback’s Cam Newton and Joe Webb to his “How to FX” demos which are well known for showing many concepts that are state of the art in today’s special effects makeup community. Yet Gregory always makes time for kids who have special wishes or requests during their times of illness or need. Being a featured guest speaker at one of the nations largest Horror conventions ” Spooky Empire” held in Orlando Florida to a sold out crowd and standing room only at his demo. Well known for his extremely detailed and highly accurate casualty makeup effects, many find it hard to tell what’s real from what’s not real with his makeup’s’.

Also known for his open “no secrets” philosophy, Gregory devotes a lot of time to training young aspiring effects artists and answering their many questions in hopes of them learning the mysterious art form the correct way and by all means, the fun way. Having been a student of Dick Smith’s Advanced Makeup course, (A pioneer in the use and makeup of F/X in our industry today) – Gregory follows a lot of the late Mr. Smiths principles of experimenting and making what’s known- better , in the effects field, so you can always find him in the FX lab on his days off experimenting and testing new concepts.

” Your idea and my idea, become a better idea…”- Gregory Hewett

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