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The Theatre Department is supported by the NWSA Theatre Arts Guild (TAG). TAG is a group of dynamic volunteers and teachers who support the Theatre Department’s programming and productions with fundraising, PR and advertising, material support, event volunteers, and more. All parents of NWSA students are invited to join TAG and attend our monthly meetings.

Please use the TAG Calendar for the schedule of TAG meetings, auditions, shows, workshop dates and other opportunities that are available for our students.

TAG Leadership for 2016-2017

The Executive Committee

  • Co-Presidents: Ann Todd & Julie Champion
  • Co-Treasurers: Sally Sabastyn & PamWitt
  • Secretary: 
  • PR & Publicity:Andrea Schultz, Stephanie Dreyer, Erin Ford, Kate Orroth, Natasha Wall
  • Concessions: Kelly Stevens
  • Volunteer Coordinators: Rebecca Sistruck, Dawn Webb
  • Fundraising & Special Events: Katrina Teague, Julie Champion, Marti Head, Nick Kapur
  • Member at Large: Stan Teague

NWSA Theatre Arts Department

  • Musical Theatre & Theatre Teacher, Department Chair: Bonnie Fraker
  • Theatre Teacher: Sarah Buckner
  • Musical Theatre Teacher: Matt Hinson
  • Musical Theatre & Theatre Teacher: Corey Mitchell
  • Theatre Teacher: Lazaro Memije
  • Apparel Department: Lindsay Kelvington
  • Technical Theatre Teacher: Laura Hoffman
  • Arts Director of NWSA: Donald Nagel

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